What do I do if my child needs to take medication at school?



You must have a "Medication Authorization Form" signed by you and your child's doctor for all prescription medications and any over-the-counter medications to be taken longer than 15 days.  This is required by state law.  A parental medication authorization form is sufficient for over-the-counter medications needed for a short period of time.  The medication(s) must come to school in the original container and brought directly to the nurse's office.  This includes prescription AND over-the-counter medications such as cough medicine, cough drops, Tylenol, etc.  ABSOLUTELY NO MEDICATION MAY BE KEPT WITH THE STUDENT WITHOUT PRIOR AUTHORIZATION FROM THE SCHOOL NURSE. You may obtain a medication authorization form from the school office or your doctor may have one on file.  The completed, signed form may be faxed to our office at 360-629-1291.  If you have any questions, you may contact our school nurse, Cynthia Beach, at ext. 2506.